Where for art thou, schooner?

Last night, the Edgewater Inn was the only bar I could find on the westside that wasn't crammed ass to elbow for the Nugs game. I ordered a beer and the lady working the bar asked if I would like it sooner. Of course I would like it sooner, I said.

"No," she replied. "Do you want it in a schooner?"

Any beer mug with the same name as a sailing vessel characterized by the use of fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts with the forward mast being shorter or the same height as the rear masts has to be a good thing. So a schooner I had, and t'was grand! I recall drinking out of schooners at bars in Canada and some divey joint down in Pueblo whose name I can't recall. The chalice-like, 18-ounce schooners at the Edgewater Inn win for sheer weight, though. Talk about working the beer muscle.

But now I'm wondering if there are any other spots in the Denver/metro/Colorado area where swarthy young gentleman might secure himself a cold schooner after a long voyage. Any tips, anyone? Anyone?

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