Where the Action Is: Mezcal

The night before the first Colfax Marathon in May 2006, we decided that we needed to go the distance ourselves -- with some marathon drinking. And where better to show our support for the runners than from Mezcal’s patio, a sliver of sectioned-off sidewalk in the heart of the Bluebird District, at about mile twelve of the race. Our cheerleading was such a hit – at least with us – that we returned the next year at 7 a.m., to watch the runners and drink a remarkable amount of beer for such an early hour.

Alas, this year the marathon skipped this stretch of Colfax altogether. But Mezcal has stayed the course, continuing to serve up one of the town’s best margaritas as well as yupscaled cantina fare. As a result, it’s a great place to grab a fast drink, enjoy a leisurely dinner or simply make a night of it. And from 5-9 p.m. tonight, Mezcal is hosting its annual patio party. Run!

Mezcal 3230 East Colfax Avenue 303-322-2519 www.mezcal-restaurant.com

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