Where's the Best Burger in Denver? Colt & Gray

Yes, for the first time in years, our Best Burger in Denver is actually served in Denver -- rather than at Bud's Bar down in Sedalia.

It's at Colt & Gray, the restaurant that opened last August at 1553 Platte Street, and was also a contender for Best New Restaurant. (That honor was taken by Argyll; you can read all about it here.). But when it comes to burgers? Colt & Gray is definitely the best. Here's the explanation in the Best of Denver 2010:

Last year, when owner/chef Nelson Perkins revealed plans to open Colt & Gray, he swore up and down that, if nothing else, his kitchen would put forth Denver's best burger. In a city that lives and dies by its beef, those were fighting words. And when that city is suddenly enjoying a windfall of burger joints -- with more in the pipeline -- that kind of declaration holds as much water as a leaky thimble. But you know what? Perkins was the wrong guy to doubt, because his burger -- a stocky, juice-drooling hand-formed patty of loosely packed, house-ground dry-aged chuck, paved, if you want, with a swatch of really good Gruyère and shoved between the lightly grilled cheeks of a brioche bun -- is indeed the best burger in town.

Jason Sheehan reviewed Colt & Gray last December; read the full review here.

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