Which Denver restaurant would make the best use of 40 pounds of cherries from Washington?

Which Denver restaurant would make the best use of forty pounds of cherries from Washington? A PR firm from that state is looking for an iconic restaurant deserving of the fruit...and coming up with the right location is the pits.

Should it be the Cherry Cricket, for its name alone?

Or the Avenue Grill, home bar of Marnie Ward, who won the 2011 Colorado Cocktail Contest with her Tree Line, in which cherries -- Colorado cherries -- played a key role?

Here's the note from GreenRubinoPR in Seattle:

We are working with the Washington State Fruit Commission this spring helping them push their 2012 Rainier Cherry campaign. In our efforts, we are sending one restaurant in every US state 40 lbs. of cherries to help with our promotion. The idea behind this is that the chef of the participating restaurant will create a cherry recipe that the restaurant will feature during the campaign in July.

Here is where I am asking for your help: Having never been to Denver, I have no idea what restaurants are iconic (in the sense of being a tourist attraction) and locally renowned to help with our promotion out in Denver. If you have some recommendations (3-4) for me, you would be helping me out a TON! Google is great and all, but it's too hard to decipher which restaurants would be the perfect fit!

As an example, out here in Seattle we have the Space Needle where there is a rotating restaurant located at the top; tourists naturally flock there and they are our #1 choice to participate here in Washington. The restaurant does not have to be super expensive, but somewhere reputable and encompassing of Denver's food culture.

Any direction you might be able to give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help and please don't hesitate to call if you have questions! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hmmm. If the rotating restaurant in the Space Needle is Washington's idea of iconic, then Casa Bonita should send these cherry folks spinning.

What would you suggest? Post the place in the comments section below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.