Whopper Bar: Why it's good to be King

Dateline: South Beach, Miami, home of the beautiful people, Art Deco buildings, sandy beaches and now the first Whopper Bar in the United States.

Burger King has chosen South Beach as the testing ground for a new concept, the "Whopper Bar," which combines fast-casual dining with beery beverages. The idea is that you can go to a Whopper Bar and order a mystery meat burger with your choice of toppings served by a mystery person -- and then enjoy it with a beer. Could be the Best. Concept. Ever.

Each bottle of beer will run you $4.25 -- or $7.99 with a combo meal. That's a bargain, considering that in South Beach it's not uncommon to be charged $10 for a bottle of sparkling water or a lithograph of Gianni Versace.

If this concept takes off, expect to see Whopper Bars in such tourism hotspots as Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles. And perhaps even Denver, the meat mecca of the Midwest, where I'd finally have a reason to go to Burger King: the beer, not the food.

Just one question as the South Beach Whopper Bar starts serving: Where are the tanned ones in those tiny bikinis going to keep their IDs?

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