Will chocolate get Tiger Woods to talk? Big Fat Cupcakes is betting on it

Right. So, you've no doubt heard that sex addict golf great Tiger Weeds can't keep his dick in his pants. And aside from a few posts on his website, one of which whines, "I have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny really means," he has yet to utter an audible word about his self-described "transgressions." And until he does, Big Fat Cupcakes, 129 Adams Street, is cashing in on his apparent lack of verbal ability by offering the Tiger Woods "Whoopie Pie" cupcake. "We're doing it because it's a great story, and we gave that name to the cupcake because we're pretty sure he's getting a whoopin' from his wife," says owner Kathleen Nevin.

The chocolate cupcake, cut in half, layered with vanilla butter cream frosting in the middle and covered with chocolate grenache, is $3.50 and will be available until Woods starts talking.

In other Big Fat Cupcake-related news, the store celebrates its one year anniversary this weekend with champagne and champagne cupcakes. The shop will also begin dispensing "therapeutic" cannabis cupcakes topped with sprinkles that are actually suger-coated caraway seeds. Awesome.

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