Win $500 from El Monterey for a good idea

Yesterday, when people were downing Coronas like Tamaflu, more than a few were yearning for a taquito, taco or tostada. And I'm sure a few of those people, with the help of something starting with a 't' and ending with an 'equila,' started to talk Mexican food. Ideas were shared and conceptions were conceived, presumably to be left in the gutter like their self respect as they did body shots off each other for Mexican independence over the French.

Well, today, on the sixth of May, head back out to those gutters and grab those ideas, because El Monterey is looking to hand out some cash for a good idea or two. Just log onto their contest site and submit your best your own product, recipe or promotion idea, and if it receives the most votes, you get $500! They are also is giving away $1 coupons off of El Monterey products to people simply for voting.

"El Monterey wants to hear from their customers," explains spokeswoman Kelly Schwartz, "and they want more than a contest. They want to create a social environment where they can continually interact with their customers, hear their needs, get feedback, test ideas and more. They teamed with bulbstorm.com to provide that environment. The contest is the first interaction to launch the community."

The contest ends on May 13, so be quick with those winning ideas. Olé!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.