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Win a complimentary dinner for two at Olivéa on New Year's Eve

Yes, you read that headline correctly: Olivéa, the sensational Mediterranean restaurant in Uptown whose kitchen is overseen by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo of exec chef John Broening and pastry goddess Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, is offering a free three-course dinner for two on New Year's Eve.

The gift is for the early seating, which means that you've got to reserve a table between 4:45 and 5:30 p.m., an ideal scenario for those of you who don't want to deal with the late-night amateurs or for those of who do.

Here's how this little contest is going to work: In ten words or less, tell us why you deserve to be the guests of honor. We'll pick the best submission, and the winner will receive dinner for two. Make sure you include, at the minimum, your first name and e-mail address, which we promise not to share. We'll announce the winner here on Friday morning.

The menu, which is on the next page, also includes a Spanish tradition: Each person gets a skewer of twelve grapes -- and each grape represents luck in the New Year. A sweet grape is good luck and a sour grape is bad luck. Here's hoping your luck is good.

First Course

Antipasto: marinated olives, vegetable salads, cured meats and housemade pickles

Second Course

Lamb t-bone with goat cheese potato mousselin and black olive agrodolce or Scallops and gambiri and poached baby leeks, bottarga caviar and celery root puree or Gargouillou of winter root vegetables, brassicas with farro and brown butter or Grilled New York strip with cippolini marmalata and an organic egg atop a Pecorino potato torta

Dessert Course

Chocolate torte, salted milk confitura gelato and warm chocolate sauce or Poached winter fruits with mascarpone and caramelized toasted almonds or Pistachio pain de genes and champagne cranberry sorbet

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