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Win two seats to Trillium's Norway dinner on May 17 (updated with winner)

Update: We have a winner of our Trillium Norway dinner! Last week, we asked Cafe Society commenters to guess how many pounds of gravlax, on average, chef Ryan Leinonen serves in a month at Trillium. Congrats to sixfeetofsnow, who guessed fifteen pounds of gravlax. The actual number is thirty, a lot less than most of us thought. Sixfeetofsnow, we'll send you an e-mail with directions on how to claim your prize. And remember, in this contest series, you can only win once.

Another update: While TrilliumTrillium originally hoped to award a trip to Scandinavia to one lucky winner, the Colorado Attorney General has put the kibosh on that concept -- so the original post below has been edited to reflect that.

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But chef/owner Ryan Leinonen still plans to host a series of dinners, all of which celebrate the cuisine from Scandinavian countries: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden...and Michigan, which, of course, is not in Scandinavia, but the reason for including Michigan in the mix will be explained later.

The dinners, all of which include an amuse bouche and four courses paired with wine, cocktails or beer, are $80 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. You can make reservations for the dinners: May 17 (Norway); June 12 (Finland); July 17 (Denmark); August 14 (Sweden); and October 16 (Michigan) by calling 303-379-9759...or you can win two seats to the Norway dinner right here by entering our contest.

We're giving away two seats to the dinner on May 17, and in order to win, here's the question you'll need to answer: On average, How many pounds of gravlax does Leinonen serve each month at Trillium?

The Cafe Society commenter who comes the closest to the correct answer without going over will win the contest. To enter, please submit your guess, your name and a valid e-mail address (the absence of an e-mail address automatically disqualifies you) in the comments section below. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, May 15.

Also: Just a head's up that we'll be running a Trillium contest every month until October, and, as per the rules set forth by Trillium, you can only win once -- no repeat victors.

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