Wino alert: Instawine.com brings the drink to your doorstep

Well, it's official. You never have to leave your house again.

You can get your groceries delivered. If you don't feel like cooking, you can get your dinner delivered. You can shop online, and you can have your new couch delivered. And now, thanks to Instawine.com, you can get your booze delivered. Glorious.

Instawine is an online platform designed to facilitate the needs of the lush who doesn't have the time (or patience) to make that last minute trip to the liquor store. Depending on what they're looking for, customers log on to the website, type in their choice of wine or spirits, and are instantly paired with local shops that offer doorstop delivery. Many of the featured stores in the metro area and suburbs offer same day delivery, and the minimal delivery charge sure beats throwing the one-fingered salute in rush hour. The website can also connect customers with many Colorado's wineries, who will ship cases of wine within the week with enough notice.

So, let's say I was in dire need of an Argentinian malbec and a bottle of Stranahan's whiskey. I pull up Instawine on my computer, key in my request and voila! Grape Expectations will deliver by dinner time. Perhaps I need a corkscrew and a Cuban cigar as well? Not a problem. As long as I meet the $50 delivery minimum, I'm golden.

The brains behind Instawine is a fellow by the name of John Deans, a former publisher who was looking for a new gig. "I've been using the internet since 1986, when it was the original DarpaNet," Deans tells me (apparently not realizing that I was five-years-old then and have no idea what the hell Darpanet is). "I started this business because I wanted to move my publishing and computer expertise completely on to the internet," he explains. "I was looking for a fragmented industry that could be consolidated electronically and was recession proof."

Phew. Nice thinking, man. The interface is incredibly convenient and user friendly, and people will always enjoy their libations regardless of the economic state.

This could get dangerous.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.