"With cod help," Palais Casablanca will reopen in two to three weeks following flood damage

Every time I drive by Palais Casablanca -- which is often several times a day -- there's rarely, if ever, a single car in the parking lot, and on the various occasions when I've poked my head through the door, the dining room, with its plush pillows and traditional floor seating, has been eerily vacant.

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Any yet, the Moroccan restaurant somehow manages to stay open -- at least until last week, when the pipes broke, subsequently causing flood damage. Earlier today, when I peeked inside, the quarters were bereft of furniture, but a sign on the doors assures guests that owner Said Benjelloun, who's also the lone chef, server and taskmaster, will reopen in two weeks...with "cod help."

The voice I got on the phone made no mention of "cod help" -- or what I assume was meant to be "God's help" on his typed note, but he did confirm that the restaurant suffered flood destruction and would be back in business in two to three weeks.

In cod we trust.

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