With new café, Sunnyside aims to get a bit more yuppie

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Leave it up to the all-powerful, online Mafiosi known as the Highland Mommies to break the news about a potential new eatery opening in northwest Denver. After all, these North Denver moms were the ones to

break the news of Chipotle's new menu

, back in March on their always active online forum.

Now they may have done it again: A Highland Mommies post popped last week detailing a new café supposedly opening on the east side of Tejon Street between 40th and 41st avenues in the Sunnyside neighborhood, a stretch seen in the image above (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map"). According to the poster, the establishment may be open by the end of the summer and will be a "'yuppified' upscale soup/sandwiches/espresso place."

Take it from the Highland Mommies - these Bugaboo Stroller-armed mamas are experts in yuppification. And as a Sunnyside resident myself, I wouldn't mind seeing a California-club-and-double-latte joint going in at that location - I've long harbored dreams of the old brick storefronts at the intersection of 41st and Tejon becoming Sunnyside's version of 32nd and Zuni. That being said, let's not make Sunnyside too yuppified. Sad will be the day when all my neighborhood carniserias get replaced by wine bars.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.