Wit's End, Renegade breweries tap a whopper of a collaboration beer today

Scott Witsoe and Brian O'Connell have brewed up a whopper of a beer -- and, yes, it's made with malted milk, in homage to the candy that inspired the name.

Witsoe, who owns Wit's End Brewing, and O'Connell, who owns Renegade Brewing, made a ten-gallon batch of the beer -- dubbed Judge Whoppner -- a couple of weeks ago at Renegade; they will serve it today at 6:30 p.m. Then, in a couple of weeks, they'll tweak the recipe and make a second batch at Wit's End, so it can go on tap there as well.

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"I had never had a beer made with malted milk before and neither of us had ever used the ingredient, so it was a shot in the dark," O'Connell says. "The base beer is a sweeter imperial brown ale, and we think it came out pretty good, actually."

They got the idea while they were hanging out at the Falling Rock Taphouse last fall during a Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge event.

Witsoe and O'Connell have known each other for years as members of Foam on the Range, a local homebrewing club that has spawned several breweries, but neither had ever collaborated with another brewer on a beer.

"I was never a really social brewer. I always did it by myself, even when I was homebrewing," says Witsoe. "But this was really fun to do. I really like hanging out and brewing with Brian, and I would definitely entertain the idea of doing another one."



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