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These Local Spots Are Highlighting Wine Made by Women

As Women's History Month kicks off, these bars and restaurants are focusing on offering wine made by women on their menus.
Lucy's Burger Bar featured female-owned beverage businesses.
Lucy's Burger Bar featured female-owned beverage businesses. Lucy's Burger Bar
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When Michelle McGlone opened Lucy’s Burger Bar at 4018 Tennyson Street in 2021, the goal was to create a solid income stream for herself and her staff while serving a delicious burger. But a big part of her motivation was also to spark a positive change in the community, and the world.

One way she is making that happen is by offering a beverage menu that showcases businesses with a purpose, particularly those that are led by women. “You’re having a drink and celebrating and enjoying, but you’re also incidentally doing some good,” McGlone explains.

The vino list at Lucy's includes Argentinian winery Antucura and the Black Girl Magic line from the McBride Sisters Wine Company, which is based in California.

Robin McBride, co-founder of McBride Sisters, says that being featured on this list alongside other women-owned wineries and winemakers is an honor that feels particularly timely and special as Black History Month ends and Women's History Month kicks off.

“My sister and I entered the wine industry almost fifteen years ago, and while steps have been taken to improve inclusivity and accessibility, there is still room for improvement when it comes to diversity — especially as it relates to women and Black Americans,” McBride notes.

“During the early stages of our business, we were challenged by not being taken seriously as winemakers in a white, male-dominated space, and our understanding of the industry was constantly questioned,” she adds. “Support for women-owned wine brands and women winemakers at the local level in restaurants, bars and wine shops helps to spread awareness among consumers and aids in breaking any misconceptions regarding diversity in the wine industry.”
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The entire wine list at The OG is made up of female-owned and -made wines.
The OG

At The OG, which debuted inside the Rally Hotel at McGregor Square near Coors Field in 2021, the entire wine list is now built around female-owned and -made wines. A total of twelve selections come from all around the world, from California and Washington to Italy, New Zealand, France, Argentina and Chile.

“I wanted to be thoughtful in the making of the OG wine list; I wanted it to mean something,” says food and beverage general manager Edward de Decker, who focused on providing a space to showcase an underrepresented community. “This quickly turned into a passion project, as we were able to educate not only our own staff and customers, but also our wine vendors as we worked together to uncover the best that this segment has to offer."

One of the women-owned wineries on the OG's list is Washington-based Tattoo Girl. “We feel very honored to have a restaurant highlighting our winery and allowing us the opportunity to connect with customers who share a similar appreciation for quality wine with a purpose," says the winery's marketing director, Mallory Quay Weaver. “We feel that a feature like this will not only allow us to connect with consumers, but also connect with other women entrepreneurs and business owners, which can lead to networking opportunities, partnerships and collaborations.”
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Certified sommelier and Trellis Wine Bar co-owner Ilona Botton.
Andrea Lashnits

For the entire month of March, Trellis Wine Bar, at 2868 Fairfax Street in Park Hill, will feature a women’s winemaker flight celebrating three women in wine: Callan Williams from Western Cape South Africa, Christina Wine of Austria, and Tuscany's Elisabetta Fagiuoli. “It’s important as women in business that we feature other women in business,” says co-owner and sommelier Ilona Botton. Along with tasting notes for each pour, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about each winery owner as they sip.

On March 8, Trellis will serve a flight highlighting the women-owned Benguela Cove of South Africa. Wines on the docket include the Cuvee 58 Method Cap Classique NV, Walker Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Walker Bay Pinot Noir 2020 and Walker Bay Syrah 2019.

The beverage industry has long been male-dominated, but that's continuing to change in wine and beyond, and beverage programming and events like these help support that shift locally, nationally and globally. 
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