Wrap Dawgs will bite on Cherry Creek North

It's not all doom and gloom in Cherry Creek North if you're a restaurant. Despite the fact that Argyll and Toast have both called it quits --

Argyll closed on Sunday and will reopen next year in the Baker neighborhood


Toast shuttered three weeks ago
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-- it's clear that not everyone believes it's a culinary wasteland.

Chef Mark Fischer, who has had great success with Phat Thai and Six89, his two restaurants in Carbondale, is opening a second Phat Thai in the fall on the corner of Second and Fillmore, and another new joint, Wrap Dawgs, is taking up residence at 3030 East Second Avenue, directly next door to FedEx Kinko's.

At the moment, the website is just a template, but it does say this: "Get ready for a Drop It Like It's Hot Dawg or Big Poppa Dawg." I have absolutely no doggone idea what that means, but at least there's some clarity on the opening date: September of this year.

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