If you're a hater on Yelp, there may be consequences.EXPAND
If you're a hater on Yelp, there may be consequences.
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Here's What Happens When Your Employer Reads Your Racist Yelp Reviews

Yelp: a useful platform for crowdsourced restaurant information, right? Or perhaps it's just another online outlet where angry, hate-filled elitists can vent their ugly world views under the guise of a "review." Feel free to show your worst self on Yelp or other online platforms; it's just more entertainment for us — but be aware that your tossed-off sarcasm and rapier wit could get you in trouble at work.

That's what happened to June Chu, the dean of Yale University's Pierson College. Word of her Yelp rants got back to her boss, Pierson head Stephen Davis, who called some of her online comments "reprehensible." Chu has been placed on leave, and it's uncertain whether she'll get her job back.

The Yale Daily News published screenshots of Chu's Yelp reviews, which covered a Japanese restaurant, a movie theater and a lawn-care service, among others. Chu also took pot shots at the town of New Haven in several of her reviews, which Davis called "deeply harmful to the community fabric."

Chu did issue an apology via e-mail after some of her students complained about the racially insensitive nature of some of her posts. "I have learned a lot this semester about the power of words and about the accountability that we owe one another,” she wrote. “My remarks were wrong. There are no two ways about it. Not only were they insensitive in matters related to class and race, they demean the values to which I hold myself and which I offer as a member of this community."

Chu's Yelp account has been deactivated, but here are some of her comments, as captured in the Yale Daily News screenshots. Because nothing ever dies on the Internet.

Concerning Koto Japanese Restaurant:

To put it quite simply: if you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!

Side note: employees are Chinese, not Japanese.

About The Mochi Store:

Remember: I am Asian. I know mochi.

I guess if you are a white person who has no clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.

After a visit to Criterion Cinemas:

I loved the small theater feel without sketchy crowds (despite it being New Haven)...

Regarding a phone conversation with Town Line Lawn Care:

Talk about a dick response from someone who is supposedly soliciting work.

Another review of a movie theater, Entertainment Cinemas:

So what they have is barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese...Be kind my ass.

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