Yo quiero Taco Bell no more

Man, it is a tough time to be a celebrity these days.  They just seem to be dropping like flies.  Michael Jackson?  Dead.  Walter Kronkite?  Gone.  Karl Malden?  In the dirt.  Even Mollie "The mere sight of my pussy drives him mad" Sugden (who played the inimitable Mrs. Slocombe on the BBC show Are You Being Served?) has passed on to that big break room in the sky.

And now we have another name to add to that growing list of the no longer above-snakes: Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Gidget was done in last night by a stroke according to a report that made the front page of people.com, the website for the magazine of the same name, which had obviously run short of Jon & Kate news and had a hole to fill.  She (yes, she -- what, you thought the voice was real?) was fifteen years old at the time of her death which, not for nothing, is a pretty good run for a chihuahua.

And while yes, this is all very sad, here's something to think about.  In terms of world-wide recognizability and celebrity staying power, that little chihuahua (currently ex-chihuahua, actually) is more famous than you or anyone you know will ever be.

Sobering thought, huh?

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