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Your child wants a toy -- slathered in butter

The United States government thinks your child is an obese, junk-eating machine. How to put a stop to this? The best idea the feds have come up with is to remove the toys from fast-food meals -- because the meals contain so many calories and the toys contain lead from China.

Not surprisingly, parents have an issue with the government interfering in familial decisions. HCD Research recently studied 300 people who watched a video clip describing potential government regulation of fast-food toys; an astounding 82 percent said they would not approve of such regulation.

The majority of the parents said that they wanted to decide what was best for their children. (None of the participants was this woman.) The survey also found that 77 percent of parents thought that even if toys were banned from the meals, the national childhood obesity rate would stay the same. Of course, that's because the kids are eating lard fries and corn syrup-laden sodas.

Guess that meal isn't so happy after all.

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