Yum: Eat ethnic in Aurora, rather than some uninspired Highland hipster platter

Aurora, Denver's upstart neighbor to the east (and the focus of this week's cover story, "Wish You Were Here"), has just released Yum!, a guide to the city's independent ethnic restaurants -- more than 150 of them, ranging from Thai Street Food Restaurant to Jai Ho Indian Restaurant.

It's an impressive compendium, if a little spare on critical details. But you can get that from commenters like Jeff:

Hey, nothing says 'ethnic' like Johnny's Diner and the Summit Steakhouse!


Good work, nice to see someone taking the time to do this. Aurora's a great source for hidden culinary treasures that reward the bold and adventurous. It might suck driving all the way out there, but unlike the Highlands and Lodo you can park. I'd rather drop $60 for 3 meals out there than for one uninspired hipster platter.

If you get the Denver Post, you can fish Yum! out of the inserts in Your Hub yesterday. Or just get it here:

Yum, A Guide to Ethnic Eateries

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