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Argo's fake movie started out real, and was supposed to include a theme park in...Aurora?

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Science Fiction Land could have been huge. Proposed in 1979, the idea was to build a huge theme park in Aurora with a holographic zoo and a 1,000-lane bowling alley attended by robots. The park was to also serve as the set of a $50 million sci-fi flick called Lord...


Set amid the 1979–1980 Iran hostage crisis, Argo, Ben Affleck's third directorial effort, is a "gritty" historical drama overwhelmed by its love of Hollywood as an inventor of imaginary narratives with real consequences, a great generator of American bedtime stories whose magic works on suburban kids and foreign enemies alike. After an...

The symbolism in Argo's wisecracking script is impossible to miss

7 years ago by Karina Longworth
Perhaps more than any other male American star of his generation, Ben Affleck understands the narrative advantage of having Hollywood on your side. The Good Will Hunting co-screenwriter and co-star won an Oscar at age 25 in large part because he and collaborator Matt Damon, as struggling actors who created...

Argo has roots in Aurora's ill-fated Science Fiction Land

The movie Argo, which stars Ben Affleck as a mustached CIA agent named Tony Mendez, tells the little-known, mostly true story of how Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding in Iran; the workers had evaded capture by Islamist militants, who held 52 of their co-workers hostage for 444 days...

Argo is as hot as Science Fiction Land might have been

Ben Affleck's Argo surprised some film critics by taking home the Best Drama and Best Director awards at the Golden Globes last Sunday. The movie tells the little-known, mostly true 1970s story of how CIA agent Tony Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding from the Islamist militants who had...
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Best Colorado Movie Tie-In


Argo, the Ben Affleck flick about a real-life CIA scheme to rescue six Americans from Iran by disguising them as a fake movie crew, won big at the Oscars, snagging statuettes for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, among others. But there was one important fact left out of the...

Hollywood, Colorado! Three feature films to be made here thanks to new incentives

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Last year, lawmakers approved new film incentives to lure Hollywood back to Colorado after movie-makers had largely abandoned the state for cheaper locales. Seven months into the program, nearly $4 million in rebates and other perks have been approved. The lineup of movies that will say "Action!" in Colorado includes...

Denver is safe from nuclear attack, if not excessive boozing

If you're following the headlines, then you know that North Korea has been threatening the United States and South Korea with a nuclear attack for the past several weeks — and that some military experts believe that April 15 will be the day North Korea pulls the nuclear trigger, since...

Five films to catch at the 21st annual Aspen Film Academy Screenings

7 years ago by Nathalia Vélez
Each year, Aspen Film screens the contenders for the Oscar. This year's lineup of national and international films includes box-office hits like Lincoln, as well as such film-buff favorites as Rust and Bone. The screenings begin December 25 and will continue until January 1 at the Wheeler Opera House in...

Steven Soderbergh and Scott Z. Burns talk Side Effects and collaboration

7 years ago by Scott Foundas
"I've been lucky in that I've always worked with writers whose voices are so specific that there really isn't any way to recalibrate things without them being intimately involved," says Steven Soderbergh as he swivels in a chair in the happily cluttered Flatiron District loft space that doubles as his...

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