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CU Buff after Airsoft gun police stop: "Go ahead! Shoot me, motherf*cker!"

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
At first blush, an incident in which several CU Buffs football players weren't charged with a crime doesn't seem all that newsworthy. But a police stop that took place this past weekend continues to ripple through the program, with one player quitting after contributing to a minor panic over an...

Darrell Havens: Car thief paralyzed by Arvada police shooting in standoff over parole deal

9 years ago by Alan Prendergast
In June, I wrote about Darrell Havens, the paralyzed car thief whose medical parole was canceled after Arvada police chief Don Wick complained. A month later, the situation appears no closer to a resolution...

Paralyzed in a police shooting, Darrell Havens is paying a terrible price for his crimes. So are taxpayers.

9 years ago by Alan Prendergast
It was a simple plan. Get the kid to bring a stolen car to an isolated parking lot, then tase his ass and take him down. No chase. No shooting. No fuss. Arvada detective Bill Johnson, the lead investigator on the case, went over the plan in a room crowded...

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