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Searching for Bridey Murphy, Pueblo's Paranormal Queen

2 months ago by Alan Prendergast
How a hypnotized housewife's tales of reincarnation turned Pueblo into the center of the paranormal universe.

Toni Tipton-Martin on African-American Cooking, Patriarchy and The Jemima Code

3 years ago by Laura Shunk
Toni Tipton-Martin’s James Beard Award-winning book The Jemima Code (University of Texas Press, 2015) examines 150 cookbooks written by black women, starting in 1827. She’ll be speaking about her work at the Community College of Aurora on Wednesday, February 22; in advance of that appearance, she sat down with us to talk about the question that prompted her project, the bro-izing of the modern kitchen, and why it’s important that we broaden the definition of African-American cooking.

Ten Plays to Add to Your Fall/Winter Calendar

2 years ago by Juliet Wittman
Denver seethes with theatrical talent, even if local companies are often in flux. Here are ten shows to watch for this fall and winter, in chronological order.

RedLine's group photography show is earning double takes

7 years ago by Michael Paglia
Month of Photography, a citywide series of events going on right now, has really left its mark on Denver over the past few years — a goal that hasn't been easy for some other recent multi-venue offerings. Remember Dialogue Denver, which coincided with the 2008 Democratic National Convention? No? Neither...

In the Picture

12 years ago by Susan Froyd
If you've ever wanted to walk in an icon's shoes, a new show at Spark Gallery is certain to have your number. Myselfportraits: ode to icons and other absurdities, a series of self-staged and posed photographs featuring artist and Spark member Sally Stockhold as historical and fictional women of note,...

If this "One Book" is any indication, Denver is boring

9 years ago by Jef Otte
If you give the people a choice, apparently, the people will choose the most boring option -- also, the people are evidently big fans of the deep south. In a completely precedented move, the city announced its pick for this years One Book, One Denver, and yet again, it's a...

From Charlie the Tuna to Frito Bandito, the ten worst food mascots ever

10 years ago by Teague Bohlen
The pop-culture landscape is littered with the bleached bones of advertising mascots long passed: For every Kool-Aid Man that survives to break down new walls with his rotund fruit-drink excitement, there's a Hawaiian Punch dude who's drunk in the corner and a Spuds McKenzie buried out back. Some make it,...

Syrup is a sweet Cherry Creek brunch spot

9 years ago by Laura Shunk
Our family led a pretty modest existence when I was a child, but weekend mornings were sheer luxury. My brother and I would plod down the stairs and be greeted by a pile of misshapen chocolate chip- or banana-studded pancakes, steam still rising from the freshly griddled ones on top...

Disasters That May Yet Befall Troy Tulowitzki

11 years ago by Michael Roberts
Poor number two. The Rockies’ shortstop, who last season seemed to be the second coming of the double play, has so far this year been hounded by injuries both unlucky and unwise. First it was his torn tendon that took him out of play for nearly fifty games -- and...

High Notes

16 years ago by Juliet Wittman
There's no question: Larry Parr's script for Hi-Hat Hattie is two-dimensional and sentimental, open to all the shortcomings of the form -- a one-woman show that tells the story of a famed historical figure. You can be sure the subject will be prettied up, and any nastiness or meanness in...

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