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Ben Makinen

7 years ago by Jon Solomon
Ben Makinen, who's been a professional drummer for close to three decades, says the inspiration for his solo electronic album came from a dream he had in which he was visited by an ancient butterfly that told him a story of love between a gruff Goliath beetle and a beautiful...

Clay Cabe

6 years ago by Jon Solomon
For a guy who grew up learning to play Elton John songs on his autoharp while listening to the radio, Clay Cabe has quite an affinity for funk. Although his debut, 2003's December, was an acoustic-driven folk-rock album, The Underworld is more of an eclectic effort. There are still a...

Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 and Under (Two Free!) This Weekend

11 months ago by Byron Graham
Have some fun before you start making any resolutions.

Leslie Brown

7 years ago by Jon Solomon
Save for a rousing take on Duke Ellington's "Caravan," Leslie Brown's Tenderly is an unhurried affair — and that's as it should be, because the singer's relaxed delivery is suited to songs that are slow and slinky, such as opener "He Must Be in Love" and the gorgeous title track...

Tom Ball Quartet

15 years ago by Michael Roberts
When kids choose what instrument they'd like to play, few of them pick the euphonium, which looks like an undersized tuba and is generally relegated to a supporting role in the rare jazz ensembles that include it. Ball attempts to prove that such pigeonholing is unjustified by repeatedly putting the...

New Denver shows: Steely Dan, the Geto Boys, Brad Paisley, Selena Gomez, Ride Festival

Steely Dan is making its way back to Colorado for a show at Red Rocks this August, and there's a bunch of other new shows to let you know about, including Brad Paisley at Fiddler's Green, the Geto Boys at Summit Music Hall, Ride Festival and Selena Gomez. Keep reading...


24 years ago by Linda Gruno
Upon moving to the Denver area from Washington, D.C., two years ago, vocalist/ composer/keyboardist Rekha Ohal suffered the usual setbacks while establishing herself on the local music scene. But rather than sitting home and feeling sorry for herself, Ohal found another way to exercise her voice: She began teaching a...

Letters to the Editor

The Vinyl Solution On the edge: In the July 28 "Art Attack," Ernie Tucker did a pretty good job profiling Jack Jensen and his new venture at the old Ichabod's, may it rest in peace. However, it seems Tucker was hypnotized by Jensen's Buddy Holly cool -- enough so that...

Westword Music '96 Awards Showcase

24 years ago by Michael Roberts
Last October, the first annual Westword Music Awards Showcase treated listeners to the most successful local-music festival in recent memory. Over thirty Colorado bands, specializing in music ranging from rockabilly and jazz to country and funk, entertained thousands of people at handful of LoDo venues. The only way to follow...

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