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Colorado Creatives: Charles Parson

8 months ago by Susan Froyd
Being creative has been Charles Parson’s major occupation for close to fifty years, and the scope of what that entails is impressive: Large-scale sculptures, murals and drawings rendered with skill and an architectural eye all define his prolific art practice.

Review: Father/Son Sculptors Charles Parson and Collin Parson Face Off in Counterpoints

2 years ago by Michael Paglia
Sculptors Charles Parson and Collin Parson are father and son, and they prove that art is relative at Counterpoints: Charles Parson + Collin Parson at the Museum of Outdoor Arts.

Today's featured event: Have a look at Charles Parson's larger than life artworks at the Foothills art Center

11 years ago by Susan Froyd
One of the region's preeminent sculptors, Charles Parson's quite literally left a monumental mark on the area over the years (here's what our Michael Paglia wrote about him a few years back). Now, a new show at the Foothills Art Center, Charles Parson: Personal Echoes on the Horizon, puts the...

Five Things to Do for Free This Weekend in Denver

2 months ago by Westword Staff
The moon is full, but your wallet isn't.

100 Colorado Creatives: Collin Parson

6 years ago by Susan Froyd
#60: Collin Parson Collin Parson grew up among artists, helping his father, the prominent Colorado sculptor Charles Parson, in the studio and experiencing the milieu as a firsthand observer and eventual participant. But as an adult, the younger Parson stands in nobody's shadow, working as a light-installation artist and the...

Review: Kirkland and Mai Wyn Shows Go Beyond Geometric Abstraction

7 months ago by Michael Paglia
The sculpture scene in Colorado clearly takes a back seat to the state's vast painting scene, an inequality that has been evident for a least a century.

An illuminating new Collin Parson solo at Z Art Department

6 years ago by Michael Paglia
Collin Parson wears two hats in the local art world — three, if you count the fact that he is the son of prominent area sculptor Charles Parson. One is as the director of the visual-art program at the Arvada Center, where he has shown himself to be a gifted...

Review: The Industrial Aesthetic of Father and Son Artists Collin and Chuck Parson

5 years ago by Michael Paglia
Continuance: Charles and Collin Parson Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center 30 West Dale Street, Colorado Springs Charles "Chuck" Parson is one of Colorado's preeminent abstract and conceptual sculptors, with an illustrious career that stretches back to the 1970s. His son, Collin Parson, is best known as a curator in his...

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