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Congressman Jared Polis Visits Northglenn Dispensary on 4/20

2 years ago by Thomas Mitchell
The Democrat representative is a strong proponent of legalization.

The 21 Best Events in Denver, September 25-October 1

1 year ago by Westword Staff
Zines, pumpkins, G.I. Joe, Morbid Curiosities and more!

Michael Bennet dubbed powerful education force by Time magazine

9 years ago by Michael Roberts
"School of Thought: 11 Education Activists for 2011," just published by Time magazine, contains some predictable names (Michelle Rhee) and some surprising ones (Jeb Bush?). But the highest ranking elected official cited is Senator Michael Bennet, who's been getting a gusher of positive press thanks to his status as one...

More Messages: The Berg Legacy

13 years ago by Michael Roberts
On November 13, Chad Conrad Castagana, 39, was arrested on charges related to threatening letters sent to a slew of notables, including Senator Charles Schumer, Speaker of the House to be Nancy Pelosi, gazillionaire Sumner Redstone, MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann and yukster David Letterman. According to an article in Radar,...

Election activists have some primary problems with Colorado's system

6 years ago by Jamie Swinnerton
Colorado's primary was a month ago, and the candidates who triumphed in that round are racing toward the November 4 election. But 35 percent of the active voters in Colorado had no real say because they are unaffiliated. And although a voter can affiliate with a party in order to...

Tom Mauser and the Fix Gun Checks Tour: Disarming lunatics isn't such a crazy idea

9 years ago by Alan Prendergast
Grief alters people. It can devastate and give a new sense of purpose. The murder of his son Daniel in the Columbine shootings has set Tom Mauser on a crusade against gun violence that, over twelve years, has yielded small victories and gradual change -- and plenty of blowback from...

Mike Rosen plagiarizes himself in Denver Post column? He says he did nothing wrong

9 years ago by Michael Roberts
Update below: This week, a tipster informed yours truly (and Colorado Pols) that KOA talk show host Mike Rosen had basically copied a 2008 column he wrote for the Rocky Mountain News and republished it in December as a Denver Post piece. Rather than simply running side-by-side excerpts, we shared...

Meet Hypernova, exploding stars from the Iranian underground

11 years ago by Glenn BurnSilver
Since the beginning, there's always been an element of rebellion attached to making rock and roll. Rarely, however, has such defiance meant facing jail time, paying fines or being publicly flogged. "Our Iranian culture is very conservative, so you either have to grow up to be a doctor or an...

Michael Bennet on the Group of Eight's introduction of massive immigration bill

7 years ago by Charles Trowbridge
Immigration has become more than a "hot-button" issue in the United States. It is a critical component to how the country functions in the foreseeable future. Undocumented immigrants are not going to stop coming into the country simply because there might be rules or laws against it. Instead, it's up...

Return to Sender

9 years ago by Jim Schutze
Editor's note: Eight months ago, in part as a response to Arizona's enactment of a law requiring its police to ask anyone they think might be here illegally (read: Mexicans) to produce proof of legal status, Village Voice Media embarked on an extensive national immigration project. It tasked VVM papers...

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