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Last Night...Dark Meat, Mark Mallman, Dario Rosa @ Hi-Dive

11 years ago by Sean Cronin
Slide show review by Cory Casciato Punk-fueled '80s keyboard balladry collided head-on with big-band garage psych at Hi-Dive on May Day when Mark Mallman and the turbo-insanity of Dark Meat set Thursday on fire. More Thursday nights should be like this...

Club Scout

16 years ago by Catalina Soltero
It's hard to decide which is more unsettling: the fact that Dario Rosa left Cabaret Diosa to further his love of vintage '60s music, or the way he signs every e-mail with "Love, DJ Dario." Let the DJ carry you back to the era of free love at "Go-Go '66,"...

Over the weekend: Six Months to Live at the Meadowlark

9 years ago by Tom Murphy
Six Months to Live, deadbubbles and Dario Rosa Saturday, November 14, 2009 Meadowlark Better Than: The second big snowstorm of the season outside. Opening act deadbubbles set the pace for the rest of the show with an energetic set of rock and roll full of more than its fair share...

Fisher of Life

11 years ago by Amber Taufen
Multi-talented local performer Amy Fisher was larger than life, and her death in early August sent a shock wave through the Denver community. “So many people were touched by her and felt that she was this close, close, wonderful friend that they couldn’t imagine living without,” remembers Anne Medina, aka...

Sweet and Spicy

11 years ago by Amber Taufen
The lineup for the musical act Tijuana Sweetcakes reads like a who’s who of Denver’s cabaret scene: Kim Franco on vocals, piano and percussion; Dario Rosa on vocals and guitar; Jon Gray on vocals, piano and trumpet; Paul Mrozak on vocals and bass; Zack Littlefield on drums; and Jefferson Arca...

Screaming Banshee Ball

12 years ago by Kity Ironton
Stitched up and spurting, the dancing dead will come alive as Bad Art for Bad People digs up some fiendish fun at its pre-holiday spookfest, the Zombie Dance Party. The two-night phantasmal prom hangs over forty local and national artists, conjures live magic by Phelyx, features the haunted honeys of...

Save Magic Cyclops

12 years ago by Cory Casciato
There's a free show tonight at the hi-dive to raise money for Magic Cyclops's medical bills. Poor Magic suffered an excruciating and literally crippling blow after being thrown through the air at a Dan Deacon show and breaking both wrists when he landed. Like many musicians, he is without medical...


13 years ago by Dan Strachota
Voxtrot's eponymous EP may be the best indie-rock debut since, oh, the Pixies' Come On Pilgrim. Each of the five songs on Voxtrot is nigh on perfect -- a crystalline distillation of the band's love of '80s British pop. That's not to say that the Austin quintet's disc is a...


14 years ago by Jason Heller
Does the phrase so smart, its dumb mean anything anymore? If so, you couldnt find a more perfect example of it than Sexyharrasment, the debut full-length by an enigmatic Broomfield duo known as Lint! Swinging blindly between remedial electro-pop and Negativland-esque noise collages, vocalist/programmers Arlo White and Jason McDaniel (a...

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