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Dave Randon Trio

Thursday, November 21, 9:30PM @ Herb's

Clay Cabe

6 years ago by Jon Solomon
For a guy who grew up learning to play Elton John songs on his autoharp while listening to the radio, Clay Cabe has quite an affinity for funk. Although his debut, 2003's December, was an acoustic-driven folk-rock album, The Underworld is more of an eclectic effort. There are still a...

Pull into Mead Street Station for a steady stream of local talent

10 years ago by Jon Solomon
I listened to my share of Hendrix while learning to play guitar in high school, but somehow I overlooked one of his most gorgeous songs, "Little Wing." In fact, I heard Sting's watered-down version of the tune before I discovered Hendrix's original on the Axis: Bold as Love album. But...

Herb's is a music lover's — and player's — paradise

10 years ago by Jon Solomon
I really wanted to play the sax when I was a kid, but ended up with the trombone, since a family friend let me borrow one. I got pretty good at it, and my folks finally bought me my own trombone — but once I was old enough to drive,...

Music Showcase, Take Three

22 years ago by Michael Roberts
Now in its third year, the Westword Music Awards Showcase is rapidly becoming a Denver tradition. But it seems like only yesterday that it was nothing more than an idea. In 1995, several Westworders wondered what we could do to raise the profile of local music in Denver. From these...

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