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Colorado Restaurant Association Announces Lifetime Achievement Awards

3 days ago by Mark Antonation
Several new members will be inducted into the Colorado Restaurant Association's Foodservice Hall of Fame this year.

R. Alan Brooks Encourages Creating "Art in Evil Times"

2 months ago by Teague Bohlen
This pop-culture creative R. Alan Brooks wants to inspire artists of all types to stand up unafraid.

The 21 Best Events in Denver, August 12-18

2 months ago by Westword Staff
Ben Harper, Lionel Richie, Cirque du Soleil, puppets, puppies and more!

The Insanity Plea: It's Not Just for Killers Anymore

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
The insanity plea can be used for crimes from speeding to murder.

Family Members of Murder Victims Urge Lawmakers to Repeal Death Penalty

7 months ago by Conor McCormick-Cavanagh
A bill that would end capital punishment in Colorado has been introduced at the legislature.

Jamaal Edwards's Mixed Verdict in Double Killing, Claimed Role of Acid

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
Jamaal Edwards, who was charged with two counts of first degree murder after a double murder in January 2015, has been found guilty of a lesser charge in one of the deaths. In the second slaying, the jury failed to reach a verdict, resulting in a mistrial. A new trial has been ordered in the latter case, which took place amid an ugly incident that Edwards is quoted as summing up with the two-word phrase, "Shit happened."

Why Jamaal Edwards Got No Extra Time for Second "Sh*t Happened" Killing

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
Jamaal Edwards, who had previously been found guilty of second-degree murder for killing John Shoeboot in January 2015, has now confessed to culpability in the death of James Clyde Brown during the same incident. But his plea in the Brown case was to manslaughter, not murder, and the admission doesn't add one day to his sentence for actions that he summed up to investigators by using the two-word phrase, "Shit happened."

Edward Montour guilty plea ruling: David Lane on death penalty, James Holmes, "bloody 18th"

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
At a February hearing, Edward Montour sought to withdraw his guilty plea for a 2002 murder in an effort to avoid the death penalty he'd previously sought. The office of 18th Judicial District DA George Brauchler, who's also seeking death for accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, argued against such...

New shows: Alabama Shakes/Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Paramore, Jim James

There are a ton of new shows to tell you about this week, including a co-headlining date at Red Rocks featuring Alabama Shakes and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, plus new shows from Paramore, a solo date from Jim James of My Morning Jacket, the Gaslight Anthem, Marina &...

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