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The Essex Green / Kincaid

22 years ago by Dustin Jacobs
In 1966, the Beatles' Revolver and The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds changed the way we looked at sound and melody. We realized that with a little imagination -- drug-induced or otherwise -- and some unusual instrumentation, pop could indeed be art. Today, though, "pop" refers largely to teenybopper music and...

Angelina Essex, first lady of drag, leaves the spotlight -- for a while, anyway (PHOTOS)

10 years ago by Michael Roberts
What a drag: Angelina Essex, the first lady of drag, bid farewell (for a while) during a Friday show at Tracks. Westword was there, and a lot of other places over the weekend, too. Check out photo galleries of a Steampunk Grand Ball, the people of Caffeine 2011, the 3...

First lady of drag Angelina Essex says farewell to the stage -- for now

10 years ago by Bree Davies
March 26, 2011 Update: See photos from Drama Drag last night at Tracks The life of a drag queen is an expensive, high profile existence, and Joel Valenzuela, aka Angelina Essex, knows this routine all too well. The madam of many faces is making his final appearance tomorrow night at...

School Shootings List in Twenty Years Since Columbine: 240 and Counting

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
The pace of school shootings has actually quickened in the second decade since the 1999 Columbine attack.

DiNK Announces 2018 Lineup

3 years ago by Westword Staff
DiNK is back, April 14 to 15. Guess who's coming?

Parkland School Shooting 208th Since Columbine: The Tragic List

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Reporters and anchors covering yesterday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, frequently mentioned the disturbing similarity between images from the latest tragic event, during which seventeen people died, and those from the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School in Littleton. But Columbine's terrible legacy has been felt consistently over the intervening eighteen-plus years. As documented below, the Parkland incident was at least the 208th school shooting to take place in Columbine's wake.

Lawrence Argent, Legendary Denver Sculptor, Has Died

4 years ago by Michael Paglia
Lawrence Argent, one of Colorado’s most successful and well-established artists, died suddenly in Denver on October 4, 2017. Argent’s most famous local commission is “I See What You Mean,” on the 14th Street side of the Colorado Convention Center. The piece, which was done in 2005, immediately earned an endearing...

Modern English Is Getting Even Wilder

4 years ago by Tom Murphy
Modern English is best known for its hit single “I Melt With You,” from the 1982 album After the Snow. The song was in heavy rotation in the early days of MTV and served as an anthem for those struggling to find joy and hope in the dismal age of Thatcher and Reagan.

Pastry Chef to Open Anecdote Bakery and Cafe in Former Rooster & Moon Space

4 years ago by Mark Antonation
Rooster & Moon closed at 955 Bannock Street last September, leaving one less option for coffeehouse dwellers in the Golden Triangle. A glimmer of caffeinated hope arose in January, when Eighth Day Coffeehouse announced its intention to sign a lease, but the deal never happened. But now coffee lovers —...

In the Heart of the Sea's Enduring Battles Still Fascinate

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Years after Moby-Dick was a flop, Herman Melville visited an old ship’s captain named George Pollard. Both men had seen better days. In their youth, both had sailed the seas with some success. Melville had written novels about his adventures with island girls, and Pollard had helmed one of Nantucket’s...

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