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Hip-Hop Congress's fourth annual Spirit of Hip-Hop jam is this Sunday at La Raza Park

6 years ago by Dave Herrera
Once again it's on: This Sunday, Hip-Hop Congress Denver is throwing its annual Spirit of Hip-Hop park jam at La Raza Park at 38th and Navajo. The fourth annual gathering, hosted by Dent, Bianca Mikahn and Larry Love, is free and open to all ages. As always, expect tons of...

As promised, Hip-Hop Congress kept the spirit of hip-hop alive in La Raza park

9 years ago by Rachel Romero
Record high temperatures had nothing on the heat being generated by the b-boys/b-girls, MCs, DJs and graffiti artist gathered at La Raza park yesterday for the Spirit of Hip-Hop Park Jam, hosted by Hip-Hop Congress -- a multi-collegiate college group geared towards bringing hip-hop culture into communities. View a full...

La Casa del Fonk jam and Hip-Hop Congress aim to keep the spirit of hip-hop alive

9 years ago by Dave Herrera
If you were around last summer, you probably remember how big Denver hip-hop heads represented at the Mighty 4 Denver b-boy summit. Cats got down like no other. If you haven't heard, Mighty 4 is taking a break this year, but in its place there's another gathering taking place the...

Hip-Hop Congress keeps The Spirit of Hip-Hop alive this weekend at La Raza park

9 years ago by Dave Herrera
What's that you say? You can't get enough of hip-hop in the park after the Mighty 4 Denver b-boy jam this past weekend? Say no more. We hear ya like you're screaming. Hip-Hop Congress is helping keep the Spirit of Hip-Hop alive in the Mile High City this weekend with...
Best Of Winner

Best Hip-Hop Project

Colorado Stand Up

Last summer, sketches of various members of the local hip-hop scene — they looked like expertly illustrated police composites — started cropping up as avatars on Facebook, on the pages of everyone from local DJs like Lazy Eyes to local rappers like A.V.I.U.S. The resemblance to these luminaries was uncanny,...

Spirit of Hip-Hop is alive and well in Denver

8 years ago by Dave Herrera
As you can see from the photos below, the spirit of hip-hop is alive and well in the Mile High City. Capping off the big Kingz of the Mountain Weekend, in which folks from various parts of the scene came together as one to produce separate events under the same...

The Colorado Stand Up Project recognizes the art of hip-hop in Colorado

9 years ago by Rachel Romero
A few months ago, the curious questions started circulating via tweets and Facebook comments. Everyone wanted to know where are these headshot sketches of Colorado's most notable hip-hop artists were coming from? Who was responsible for putting in so much artistic time for so many people?...

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