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Jerry Garcia Band

14 years ago by Brandon Daviet
Way back in 1973, Rolling Stone ran a cover story declaring that the Grateful Dead had become "corporate." Indeed, over the years, the Dead and its extended family became a massive financial juggernaut -- even if the members of the group essentially remained filthy hippies. And suffice it to say...

Reader: Jerry Garcia mural no trade for Johnny Cash

7 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Denver lost two institutions last week: Bender's went dark after an eight-year run -- Quixote's True Blue is moving into the space -- and the mural of Johnny Cash that graced the side of the building, painted by Tommy Nahulu, is also history. Johnny is being replaced by Jerry Garcia,...

Paint It Black: Jerry Garcia Mural Covered by New Tenants of Former Quixote's

3 years ago by Katie Moulton
Paint it black, indeed. Black Box, the new tenant of the music venue at 314 East 13th Avenue, has painted over the colorful mural of Jerry Garcia that's glowered from the side of the building since 2012. With fresh black paint, the venue bids a final "fare thee well" to its...

Quixote's True Blue: The new Jerry Garcia mural at 314 East 13th Avenue defaced overnight

7 years ago by Dave Herrera
UPDATE 11/14/12: All right, now this is just disappointing. As you can see from the photo above, sometime between our last update last night and this morning, some unscrupulous person(s) defaced the new Jerry Garcia mural on the east wall of 314 East 13th Avenue, the former home of Bender's...

Quixote's True Blue

In November 1996, Jay Bianchi and his two brothers opened the original Quixote's True Blue at 9150 East Colfax in Aurora, as a place where Deadheads and kindred spirits could gather after Jerry...
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David Crosby Is Busier Than Ever

1 month ago by Adam Perry
David Crosby looks back on decades of rock-and-roll, talks about addiction and his opening set with Jason Isbell at Red Rocks.

Phish Unapologetically Phish at Denver Labor Day Shows

1 month ago by Adam Perry
The ‘90s era of Phish making its eccentric, joyful, classical-influenced instrumentals is ancient history.

Cross Genetics

Cross Genetics might be best known for the mural of Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia that spans the warehouse doors of its grow next to its...
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