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Would a World-Class Motor Speedway in Aurora Leave the Plains in the Dust?

2 years ago by Grant Stringer
This year would have marked the fourth time in nearly twenty years that Aurora voters would have decided whether to allow the city to spend money on a motor speedway. In 1999, voters banned the city government from doing so; in the ensuing years, city officials have had one tool — a ballot initiative — to remove that ban from the city’s charter.

Science Fiction Land could have been Aurora's biggest tourist trap, if its backers weren't crooks

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Tomorrow, the Colorado Economic Development Commission will hold its first public hearing on the six projects vying for big-bucks sales-tax rebates under the state's Regional Tourism Act. They include a 1,500-room hotel and conference center in Aurora. The hotel would be the city's biggest tourism draw -- a distinction that,...

Argo has roots in Aurora's ill-fated Science Fiction Land

The movie Argo, which stars Ben Affleck as a mustached CIA agent named Tony Mendez, tells the little-known, mostly true story of how Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding in Iran; the workers had evaded capture by Islamist militants, who held 52 of their co-workers hostage for 444 days...

Argo is as hot as Science Fiction Land might have been

Ben Affleck's Argo surprised some film critics by taking home the Best Drama and Best Director awards at the Golden Globes last Sunday. The movie tells the little-known, mostly true 1970s story of how CIA agent Tony Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding from the Islamist militants who had...

Argo's fake movie started out real, and was supposed to include a theme park in...Aurora?

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Science Fiction Land could have been huge. Proposed in 1979, the idea was to build a huge theme park in Aurora with a holographic zoo and a 1,000-lane bowling alley attended by robots. The park was to also serve as the set of a $50 million sci-fi flick called Lord...

Circumcision is "state-sponsored genital cutting"? Advocates' message to Colorado pols

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
Should Medicaid payments for circumcision be cut off in Colorado? That's the argument of The Whole Network, a national organization that's encouraging its members to contact Colorado legislators who might be thinking about reinstating such funding. A network spokeswoman says the fight has taken place behind the scenes at the...

Aurora's not exactly a tourist trap, but you might just visit it anyway

8 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Aurora, Colorado, is not a place you'd pick for your weekend getaway. There's nothing breathtaking about the pawn shops, thrift stores and hair salons that line Colfax Avenue, once the Denver suburb's main drag. Aurora isn't an iconic ski destination, either; there are no mountains here, no Heidi Klum or...

Medical marijuana advocate's call not to disturb legislative process for bill stirs controversy

9 years ago by Michael Roberts
The Cannabis Therapy Institute sent out an "action alert" to its members regarding today's planned second reading of HB 1260, a bill to set THC driving limits. But after a similar alert last week regarding HB 1250, which originally sought to ban all MMJ edibles, infused-products manufacturer Greg Goldfogel e-mailed...

The Beats Go On

19 years ago by Steve Jackson
April 1997, New York City Peter Hale woke up as usual to an AM radio station that rattled off traffic conditions, sports highlights and news updates every ten minutes. Sunlight was already sifting in the windows of his loft in Greenwich Village as he left his lover, Joseph, asleep in...

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