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Lights Out

8 years ago by Michael Paglia
For the second time, MCA Denver director Adam Lerner has decided to devote the entire museum to a single exhibit — in this case, Another Victory Over the Sun, a show about darkness and light. “We have great local and international artists,” says Lerner, “but the most dramatic experience for...


24 years ago by Michael Paglia
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of that country's most famous contemporary artists have come to settle in the West, especially in New York City. This colony of Russian expatriates has had a profound effect on American contemporary art. And the artist's artist of the group is Oleg...

The MCA trumps logistics to present an intriguing group exhibit

8 years ago by Michael Paglia
As it did last summer, MCA Denver has given itself over to a single exhibit for the season rather than presenting multiple shows, and there are some obvious reasons why. First, it allows the powers-that-be at the museum to mount major exhibits, and second — and probably more important —...

Popping Off

17 years ago by Michael Paglia
The Robischon Gallery is surely the flagship of Denver's contemporary-art venues. Oh, sure, there are a handful that are every bit as good -- but none are any better or have as long of a distinguished track record. The gallery's physical plant, with its high ceilings and big walls, is...

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