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Once-Abandoned Water Tank, Now a “Sonic Treasure” in Western Colorado, Wins Award

2 years ago by Grant Stringer
The TANK Center for Sonic Arts, which houses live and recorded musical performances in an abandoned water tank in western Colorado, won the first ever Preservation Edge Award from Denver-based Colorado Preservation Inc.

Crossroads Theater in Five Points Is at a Crossroads — Again

3 years ago by Brian Badzmierowski
In 2011, five talented Denver high-school grads dropped out of college after their freshman year and formed a theater troupe. Crossroads Theater, a 105-seat venue on Welton Street then managed by the City of Denver, was the first place to give the group a chance. The city was offering cheap...

Beer calendar: The Boulder Craft Beer Fest, New Holland, and a Top-Secret Wild Ale

5 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Oskar Blues said last week that it has lowered the alcohol content of its newest and most unusual craft beer, Old Chub Scotch Ale Nitro, at the request of bars across the OB's 35-state distribution network, where the beer will be rolled out in coming weeks. Old Chub will now...

How YouTube and Internet journalism destroyed Tom Cruise

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
It was Jason Tugman's first day of work. Almost a decade later, he still remembers the screams. A former circus fire-eater, he'd taken a job as a lighting technician for The Oprah Winfrey Show after burning off a chunk of his tongue. The pay was $32 an hour and he...

Chomp! founder embarks on a new adventure: Nooch Vegan Market

7 years ago by Amber Taufen
Joshua LaBure, the man behind Chomp! Vegan Supper Club and the vegan Neat Market (and a member in good standing of the vegan activist collective Plants & Animals Denver), has arguably done more for vegans in this town than anybody else. And now, he's about to take his efforts to...

Where the Buffalo Moan

20 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
It takes someone with a bit of a culinary wild side to try the appetizer of sliced buffalo tongue with caper sauce at The Fort in Morrison. Even the bay-leaf-and-black-pepper seasoning doesn't change the fact that you are about to bite into, well, the tongue of a buffalo. But, hell,...

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