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Goodbye, Slayer: "Angel of Death" Graced Denver One Last Time

1 year ago by Kyle Harris
From the beginning, there was nothing utopian about Slayer.

Jesse Owens Inspires, but Race Stumbles to the Finish Line

4 years ago by Scott Tobias
There is precisely one attempted coup de cinema in the Jesse Owens biopic Race, which otherwise defaults to the backlot handsomeness of other Great Men tributes from Hollywood. In 1935, Owens (Stephan James), a freshman sensation on the Ohio State University track team, returns to the locker room after practice...

Metallica Brought a Soundtrack for Totalitarian Violence to Denver. Now What?

2 years ago by Kyle Harris
Metallica is no Justin Bieber. The band’s vision of the world is introspective and couched in mass violence — the sort of horror perpetrated by big bombs, big armies and big nations. It’s the music of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hitler's Hollywood


Reader: Derrick Velasquez Should Not Be Neutral on Gentrification

4 years ago by Westword Arts and Culture
Derrick Velasquez's new piece for Black Cube, New Brutal 2, will debut today at La Alma Park at a Doors Open Denver event. The original New Brutal was shown last fall at the future Stanley Marketplace, and inspired this response from reader Laura Conway: Derrick Velasquez’s piece New Brutal is set...

Flick Pick

17 years ago by Bill Gallo
Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will (1935) is rightly famous (and notorious) as the most powerful propaganda film ever made: a documentary account of the Nazis' massive, staged-for-the-camera Nuremberg rallies of 1934. The film glorifies Adolf Hitler and propagates the myth of German "purity" so skillfully that to this day...

Three shows take hold at Spark Gallery

11 years ago by Michael Paglia
I've long felt that Judith Cohn was one of the top ceramic artists in the region. Her specialty has been sculptural installations made up of components based on classic ceramic forms, mostly vessels. That's why Thicket, at Spark Gallery (900 Santa Fe Drive, 720-889-2200, was a surprise. It comprises...

Flick Pick

15 years ago by Bill Gallo
The Boulder Public Library's admirable and far-ranging film program is presenting "History and Development of the Documentary Film," featuring works by such disparate practitioners of the non-fiction art as the father of them all, Robert Flaherty, John Huston (in his wartime role as a documentarian for the U.S. Army) and...

La La Land Is a Propaganda Film

3 years ago by April Wolfe
The one thing I know for sure is that most Oscar voters don’t care that a film as seemingly pleasant as Damien Chazelle’s modern musical La La Land has proven so divisive. Even as lyrics from “City of Stars” have become inspirational memes, artists like songwriter Elon Rutberg are calling...

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