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16 years ago by Michael Paglia
Mark Sink, who runs Gallery Sink (2301 West 30th Avenue, 303-455-0185), has organized Staged Fantasy, an exhibit of posed photos by an assortment of contemporary photographers. A lot of the work relates to Sink's own efforts, which, though not included in the show, are highly visible, as they are hung...

RedLine's group photography show is earning double takes

7 years ago by Michael Paglia
Month of Photography, a citywide series of events going on right now, has really left its mark on Denver over the past few years — a goal that hasn't been easy for some other recent multi-venue offerings. Remember Dialogue Denver, which coincided with the 2008 Democratic National Convention? No? Neither...

Take Your Best Shot

16 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
A hundred bottles of tequila at the bar, a hundred bottles of tequila.Jesse Morreale and Chris Swank, the folks behind Nobody in Particular Presents, and three new partners have given Capitol Hill/City Park residents reason to sing. A hundred and four reasons, to be exact, which is the number of...

Slip Service

15 years ago by Eric Dexheimer
On a recent evening, Lori Bushere sweeps into the Sports Channel, a biker-friendly watering hole on West Colfax. She's about twenty minutes late -- her standard timing. She wears a dark, pinstriped business suit, steep heels, tall and teased '80s hair, long, elaborately painted nails and a deep mid-winter tan...


Read and Buried Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Where the Bodies Are Buried in Boulder," in the January 23 issue: In a word? Bravo. If you are quiet, you can hear the thud reality makes when it smacks against the heads of those who wish to hide from the truth. Well, unless...

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