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Readers respond to Melanie Asmar's “Mind Games”

"Mind Games," Melanie Asmar, February 6 This Is Crazy! Wow. I just read Melanie Asmar's "Mind Games." It is a comprehensive and disturbing look at the real results of pleading insane. I found it chilling to read about some of the cases. I found it hopeful that James Holmes will...

Meet the Giraffes of the Denver Zoo

4 years ago
Westword staff writer Melanie Asmar visits the Denver Zoo's new giraffe exhibit.

Denver School Board Bans Use of Handcuffs on Elementary School Students

Handcuffs can still be used on middle and high school students.

Teacher Leaves DPS After Reportedly Making Black Student Clean Up Feces

3 months ago by Melanie Asmar/Chalkbeat
Despite the black student’s insistence that he was not responsible, the teacher told the black student to clean it up.

Riot at Troubled Lookout Mountain Juvie Detention Center, 14 Injuries

4 months ago by Michael Roberts
Four inmates and ten staff members were hurt, four badly enough to require hospitalization.

Two Sex Offenders Captured After Post-Riot Lookout Mountain Escape

4 months ago by Michael Roberts
The teens were taken into custody after a car chase and crash.

American Indian Academy Postpones Denver Opening Until 2020

The four-year graduation rate last year for Native American students was 54 percent, far below the district average of 70 percent.

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