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Reader: This Is What I Want Mayor Hancock to Talk About, Not His Sex Life

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
There was a big reaction to a recent Comment of the Day prompted by threats from Anonymous to expose Denver mayor Michael Hancock's alleged ties to the Denver Players prostitution ring if he doesn't resign and change his homeless policies. In that post, a reader maintained that he doesn't care...

The 21 Best Events in Denver, January 24-30

3 years ago by Westword Staff
This week: A new documentary explores the dangers of the beauty industry, gentrification is a hot topic at Regis University, and musicians tackle inclusivity.

The Other Half of You: Remembering Jonathan Demme

2 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
Not long before the surprisingly violent finale of Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild (1986), Melanie Griffith’s wild girl-turned-good-girl-turned-complicated-girl Audrey asks Charlie (Jeff Daniels), a straight-arrow-Wall-Streeter-turned-desperate-romantic-turned-man-of-action, “What are you gonna do now that you know how the other half lives?” “The other half?” he asks, confused. “The other half of you.” The...

Lights Out

8 years ago by Michael Paglia
For the second time, MCA Denver director Adam Lerner has decided to devote the entire museum to a single exhibit — in this case, Another Victory Over the Sun, a show about darkness and light. “We have great local and international artists,” says Lerner, “but the most dramatic experience for...

Flawed Gold

12 years ago by Mark Dragotta
In my opinion, the mark of a good artist is the ability to turn the ugly or the offensive, or even the commonplace, into something greater. Look at Warhol or Duchamp, or even Pryor. Yes, I'm talking about Richard Pryor — so pay attention. Remember that standup act where he's...

10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (7 Free!), October 23-25

4 years ago by Alex Brown
After a drizzly couple of days, there are hints that the sun may come out for a little while on Saturday and Sunday — and so should you. This weekend is filled with art markets, pumpkin carving and wild parties to put Netflix-and-chill on pause. Check out the Westword calendar...

Even With Legal Help, Transgender Prisoners Are Never Safe in Prison

4 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Samantha Hill knew it was going to happen.Her cellmate was leering at her and acting strangely. Although Hill had only been housed with him for a few days at the U.S. penitentiary in Florence, she’d been in prison long enough to recognize the warning signs. But when her cellmate began...

Student Arrests: Most Police Agencies Violating Law About Reporting Busts, Citations

5 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Just 22 percent of Colorado law enforcement agencies and district attorneys complied with a new state law that requires them to submit reports about their contacts with students -- a number that the group Padres y Jovenes Unidos says is disappointing. The Smart School Discipline Law was passed in 2012...

Denver Zoo staffers bottle-feed baby anteater whose mom doesn't have a clue

6 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Back in January, we shared photos and video of a Denver Zoo anteater named Rio getting an ultrasound. (It involved a jar of bugs, natch.) Two months later, on March 7, Rio gave birth to a baby that zookeepers named Cayenne. (They believe Cayenne is a girl.) But as is...

Dixie Elixirs and pot-infused MED-a-Mints inventor settle trademark dispute

5 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Denver-based edibles manufacturer Dixie Elixirs and the inventor of MED-a-Mints cannabis-infused candy have settled a dispute over alleged trademark violations. MED-a-Mints inventor Gary Gabrel claimed that Dixie Elixirs violated the contract between them when it changed the product's packaging, making its own name more prominent and replacing the words "cannabis...

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