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Land of Lincolns

Lincoln Logs master mason Michael Ensminger has done it again: The local artist has created a monumental installation of Lincoln Logs with help from a small flock of girls from the Colfax Community Network. Tower of Babel, the product of Ensminger's six-week residency at PlatteForum, far exceeds anything the toy...

Reader: Artopia was a cornucopia of fine art, street art and photographer

8 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Where was the art in Artopia? That was the question one reader asked after looking at a slide show of Westword's entertainment extravaganza that filled five venues on Broadway with music, fashion, food, drinks...and yes, lots and lots of art. You couldn't miss it...if you were there...

Hair Today

9 years ago by Susan Froyd
To photographer Michael Ensminger, his Zottelbart (meaning “ragged beard” in German) self-portrait series is positively operatic, an ongoing aria kept alive by the ever-lengthening hair on his head and face, which he hasn’t cut or shaved in eight years. During that period, he’s made periodic trips to the foothills, particularly...

RedLine's group photography show is earning double takes

7 years ago by Michael Paglia
Month of Photography, a citywide series of events going on right now, has really left its mark on Denver over the past few years — a goal that hasn't been easy for some other recent multi-venue offerings. Remember Dialogue Denver, which coincided with the 2008 Democratic National Convention? No? Neither...

Colorado Sheriffs to Obama: Don't Send Guantanamo Prisoners Here

4 years ago by Michael Roberts
In recent years, Colorado sheriffs have gotten mighty political, with many of them attempting to work as a team to achieve their objectives. Note a 2013 lawsuit, filed under the names of 55 sheriffs in the state, that attempted to undermine new gun-control laws; the following year, a judge ruled that...

Ten shows to see during Month of Photography

7 years ago by Susan Froyd
This year's version of Month of Photography is not going to be typecast, no way. The very breadth of the 2013 citywide photography showcase is astonishing and diverse, viewing photographic media from every perspective: In black-and-white and color, super-real and fantastically altered, analog and digital, projected, and cut up and...

First Friday: Denver Arts Week kicks out the art-walk jams all over town

9 years ago by Susan Froyd
Why is this First Friday different from all other First Fridays? In most ways, it isn't, and that's the real beauty of it. But it is Denver Arts Week's Know Your Arts First Friday Arts Walk, meaning the monthly evening art walk event in arts districts all over town will...

First Friday: Skeletons and circus freaks, Frida Kahlo and zombies

9 years ago by Susan Froyd
First Friday on the first of October? Sounds like a witching hour to me. There's a distinct chill in the evening air, but don't let that stop you from painting the art districts red...and azure, sienna, viridian, alizarin crimson and any other color you can think of. Pull on your...

RiNo neighbors are raising a stink about factory smells in their ’hood

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
The air smelled like a dead body, the woman said. And she isn't the only one who thinks so. Over the past eight years, the city has received no fewer than 150 complaints about a fetid odor emanating from a brick factory at 33rd and Walnut streets that makes dog...

Naughty and Nice

17 years ago by Michael Paglia
It doesn't have what I'd call a seasonal character, but Eye Candy, at Judish Fine Arts, does feel at times like a really wild holiday party. As the title implies, the exhibit is not sharply defined, but comprises things whimsically selected by gallery director Ron Judish according to whether they...

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