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Clay Cabe

6 years ago by Jon Solomon
For a guy who grew up learning to play Elton John songs on his autoharp while listening to the radio, Clay Cabe has quite an affinity for funk. Although his debut, 2003's December, was an acoustic-driven folk-rock album, The Underworld is more of an eclectic effort. There are still a...

Hit Pick

Hugh Ragin, 8 p.m. Friday, September 10, at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, joins three other local luminaries in a tribute to Lee Morgan for this month's installment of the "Steinway and Stained Glass" series, which happens the second Friday of each month. If Ragin's latest CD, An Afternoon in...

Thanksgiving Eve in Denver: Where to go, what to do on the year's second biggest party night

7 years ago by Britt Chester
While Thanksgiving and Black Friday steal all the headlines, the holiday that's really worth celebrating this week is Thanksgiving Eve, the biggest party night of the year next to New Year's Eve. It's the ultimate ruse: You can go way too hard raging all night with your old friends --...

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