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Top 40 Men's Mug Shots of 2015

5 years ago by Michael Roberts
Earlier this week, we posted our top forty women's mug shots of 2015. Now, it's the men's turn — and included among their number are a smattering of celebrities (one known for screeching, plus a former reality-TV star, an ex-Denver Nugget and the heir to the Denver Broncos) and individuals...


Prose and cons: Back in '93, local Independence Institute activist David Kopel co-wrote an op-ed piece with a fellow named Theodore H. Fiddleman that accused the federal government of a "coverup" in the Branch Davidian debacle. The only "coverup" that can be proven so far is that Theodore H. Fiddleman...

And Justice for All

24 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
When the world last heard from Robert Eaton Jr., he was being bundled into the back of a Denver squad car by a handful of uniformed officers. His crime? Mentioning Waco outside the federal courthouse Monday, just as the coverage of Tim McVeigh's conviction kicked into high gear. The media...


When Irish Guys Are Smiling Regarding the ethnic contretemps in Evergreen (Eric Dexheimer's "War of the Words," August 9), one is tempted to ask what the reaction of the Jeffco DA and the pecksniffs in the media would have been had the situation been reversed, with the Aronsons spouting off...

All-Day Suckers

15 years ago by Jim Ridley
Perhaps no one can pinpoint the exact moment vaudeville died, but there's a moment early in Strangers With Candy where you'd swear you had just witnessed the death of visual comedy. En route to her first day of high school, a tarty middle-aged jailbird -- this is not a Disney...

Talent in Full Bloom

21 years ago by Bill Gallo
Those who choose to dismiss Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson's dark (and darkly humorous) meditation on loneliness and regret in the San Fernando Valley, will probably see it as self-important and philosophically inflated -- the kind of three-hour ordeal that university professors can dissect at their leisure while ordinary folks shy...

Reeling in the Year

21 years ago by Bill Gallo
In Albert Brooks's summer comedy The Muse, a ravishing daughter of Zeus -- in the person of Sharon Stone -- gives a burned-out Hollywood screenwriter a fresh jolt of inspiration. For a price. Brooks's desperate scribbler must first lavish Tiffany trinkets on his newfound benefactor, put her up at the...

The Prize Patrol

24 years ago by Michael Roberts
What follows is a list of the best albums of 1996. Sort of. Each December this decade, I've sat down to compile a roster of the finest recordings that came my way during the preceding eleven months. But because of the sheer volume of material I've heard--and because I try...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.