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Colorado Creatives: Ravi Zupa

12 months ago by Susan Froyd
"Our world is going to get really strange very soon."

Studio Shots: Ravi Zupa

10 years ago by Susan Froyd
Ravi Zupa is an unschooled artist. Yet he's bright and searching and far from uneducated, and he surely channels an old soul; Ravi credits his mother, an art teacher, with providing him with artist tools and the freedom to do with them as he pleased while he was growing up...

Countdown to Denver Arts Week: Ravi Zupa at Black Book Gallery

9 years ago by Susan Froyd
Denver Arts Week, which kicks off Friday with a special Know Your Arts First Friday, is really a big magnifying glass: Denver boasts a vibrant First Friday tradition every month of the year; this annual event just turns on the spotlight. As with any First Friday, the real trick is...

Update: Lindsay St. Antoine and Ravi Zupa's big, beautiful mess

9 years ago by Josiah M. Hesse
Update: Because of the snow, this event has been postponed until Saturday, February 11. Life is a big mess, but deep down we all know what to do. Or so say Lindsay St. Antoine and Ravi Zupa in their upcoming exhibit, Nothing Teaches Needs, which opens at the Black Book...

Behold the brilliant cover art of Sineater, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's new album, by Ravi Zupa

10 years ago by Dave Herrera
Pardon us for a minute while we marvel at the cover art for the new Snake Rattle Rattle Snake record, would ya? Don't mean to gush, but... wow! As you can see below, Ravi Zupa simply outdid himself, and Kit Peltzel has put it all together in a way that...

Artist Ravi Zupa Wants to Remind Us: Cops Still Kill Unarmed Black People

4 years ago by Kyle Harris
Artist and Westword MasterMind Ravi Zupa doesn't want the public to forget that police continue to kill unarmed black people – even as the actions of President Donald Trump's administration have jerked attention away from criminal-justice reform and the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement.

These Denver Creatives Are Crushing COVID-19 Despair

12 months ago by Kyle Harris
From howlers to painters to poets, these Denver creatives are finding ways to work — and inspire — through the pandemic.

Colorado Creatives: Cole and Michael Huling

11 months ago by Susan Froyd
Cole and Michael Huling are the rare couple who really did run away with the circus.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.