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Original Pancake House

12 years ago by Jason Sheehan
Everyone has annual traditions. There are the big ones, like Thanksgiving dinner with the family, opening presents on Christmas morning, falling asleep during the Super Bowl and getting smashed on New Year's Eve. And then there are the smaller, more personal traditions. I have a lot of those. I try...

Five Fantasy Franchises That Deserve the Game of Thrones Treatment

5 years ago by Cory Casciato
The season five debut of Game of Thrones is still a month away, which leaves you plenty of time to catch up and/or get reacquainted with its complex and detailed interweaving storylines. One great chance to do exactly that is Saturday, March 14, when the Denver Public Library's Fresh City...

Bong slide! Our top five ideas for Aurora's Gaylord Rockies Hotel water park

6 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Last week, the Houston-based company that plans to develop an 85-acre, 1,500-room hotel and convention center in Aurora, near Denver International Airport, revealed that it would like to add a gigantic, $25 million indoor-outdoor water park to the project. RIDA Development Corporation, which took the project over from Gaylord Entertainment...

Argo is as hot as Science Fiction Land might have been

Ben Affleck's Argo surprised some film critics by taking home the Best Drama and Best Director awards at the Golden Globes last Sunday. The movie tells the little-known, mostly true 1970s story of how CIA agent Tony Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding from the Islamist militants who had...

Argo has roots in Aurora's ill-fated Science Fiction Land

The movie Argo, which stars Ben Affleck as a mustached CIA agent named Tony Mendez, tells the little-known, mostly true story of how Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding in Iran; the workers had evaded capture by Islamist militants, who held 52 of their co-workers hostage for 444 days...

Hawkwind's Bluebird show has been canceled. Consolation: Here's a chat with Dave Brock

6 years ago by Tom Murphy
If you're a Hawkwind fan, we've got a good news/bad news scenario for you: The good news is we've got a great interview with Dave Brock in which he talks about Lemmy. The bad news is that we did the interview in anticipation of the band's upcoming show at the...

Argo's fake movie started out real, and was supposed to include a theme park in...Aurora?

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Science Fiction Land could have been huge. Proposed in 1979, the idea was to build a huge theme park in Aurora with a holographic zoo and a 1,000-lane bowling alley attended by robots. The park was to also serve as the set of a $50 million sci-fi flick called Lord...

Denvention Day Two: Sci Fi in the Basement

11 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
"What? No talking cats?" The annual Denvention has landed in Denver, and Jason Sheehan is there. Click here to read his first report from the science fiction convention. Many years ago -- long before I had this gig, long before I even really had a career to call my own...

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