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Photographer Sarah Haney discusses why Barbie keeps making such bad decisions

8 years ago by Tiffany Fitzgerald
Sarah Haney takes pictures of Barbies in compromising positions. Her art could be construed as a feminist discourse, commenting on the pressures of womanhood, and some of that is true. But for the most part, Haney's just being hilarious. Currently, she's spending most of her time experimenting with different forms,...

Why Barbie Makes So Many Bad Decisions

5 years ago by Michael Roberts
Denver blog posts love getting all dolled up. A classic from our Arts blog and writer Tiffany Fitzgerald: Photographer Sarah Haney discusses why Barbie makes so many bad decisions. Colorado Peak Politics on Senator Bill Cadman's Offenses Against Unborn Children proposal: "Not Everything is Personhood." Denver Stiffs' Nate Timmons on...

Nothing like a heartache: LoveSick opens at Zip 37 Gallery

8 years ago by Mauricio Rocha
Love was in the air on Friday night at Zip 37 in the Navajo Street Art District, where the show LoveSick opened to the public. The exhibit, which features nine artists contemplating the meaning of being lovesick, was curated by artist Katie Hoffman, who unveiled her own piece, Heloise and...

Get Fresh

8 years ago by Amber Taufen
Fresh Art Studios has had the same name for a while, but photographer Terri Bell wanted to bring new awareness to the venue, so the resident artists, including three new ones, are putting up Fresh Art for the Holidays. "It's a big open house, and everyone is cordially invited," Bell...

Shiny Plastic People

10 years ago by Susan Froyd
Artist Sarah Haney always thought there was something odd about the way her Barbie dolls smiled all the time, and though as a child she subjected her fashion dolls to all forms of torture, “Barbie still had that little smirk on her face.” As an adult, Haney takes the experiment...

Picturing Love

8 years ago by Mauricio Rocha
With the forced sentiments of love looming in the air before Valentine's Day inevitably descends upon us, some may choose to escape the cheesy romantic comedies and societal pressures by examining l'amour from an artistic standpoint. You can do this at Zip 37 Gallery's Lovesick, a multimedia exhibit that showcases...

Last chance! The Art District Best of 2010 closes next week

9 years ago by Jef Otte
If you read Westword with any regularity, you will know that we've got a boner for compiling "best of" lists. It's a win-win situation. It's our job to keep up on this stuff, so they're easy for us to put together; you have a real job and not enough time...

Five First Friday photography fetes

8 years ago by Susan Froyd
Tonight's First Friday? It's off the clock. Galleries all over town are spilling over with shows worth celebrating in Denver Arts Week style. But it also marks what might be the best collection of photography shows and events to come out at once since last March's Month of Photography marathon...

RedLine's group photography show is earning double takes

7 years ago by Michael Paglia
Month of Photography, a citywide series of events going on right now, has really left its mark on Denver over the past few years — a goal that hasn't been easy for some other recent multi-venue offerings. Remember Dialogue Denver, which coincided with the 2008 Democratic National Convention? No? Neither...

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