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Lake Christine Fire Update: 500 Homes Evacuated as Burning Acreage Grows

12 months ago by Michael Roberts
There's growing concern about the Lake Christine Fire near Basalt, which at this writing is smaller than the aforementioned incidents but an enormous danger to life and property, with an estimated 500 homes already evacuated and three confirmed destroyed as of this morning.

How the Quest to Build the Four Seasons Led to Criminal Charges

1 year ago by Alan Prendergast
An investigation into where the money went provides a glimpse into the backstage feuding and maneuvering among investors in Denver's premiere hotel.

Meet Greg Lopez, Underdog Governor Candidate Who's Shaking Up the Race

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
Former Parker mayor Greg Lopez and Colorado 2018 gubernatorial candidate shocked the political establishment when he guaranteed his place on the Colorado Republican Party primary ballot by earning more than 30 percent support at the April 14 state assembly. He describes his surprising victory and the policies he sees as setting him apart from the still-sizable pack in the wide ranging conversation below.

Most Stolen Vehicles in Denver and Colorado Right Now

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
The latest figures in regard to the most stolen vehicles in Colorado reveal a definite correlation between the rides most likely to be swiped in Denver and the state as a whole. And while the two most frequently targeted cars have remained the same for years, trucks have made major moves up the list.

Three Out of Five Most Stolen Vehicles in Colorado Are Trucks

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
New Colorado theft data reveals that three of the five most stolen vehicles in the state are trucks. This marks the most top-five appearances by pickups in at least three years.

Review: The Western Is the Reel Thing at the Denver Art Museum

2 years ago by Michael Paglia
The Western: An Epic in Art and Film is truly epic, as well as full of gimmicks. But when the curators are so knowledgeable and the quality of the material is so high, even gimmicks can’t detract from a great show, and the ideal summer blockbuster for the Denver Art Museum.

Meet Steve Barlock, Co-Chair for Trump in Denver Running for Governor

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
Steve Barlock, an independent Denver-area real estate broker who co-chaired the 2016 Mile High City campaign for now-President Donald Trump, is running as a Republican for governor here in 2018. In the following in-depth interview, he goes into detail about his reasons for seeking the office, shares his frustrations with entrenched powers on both sides of the political spectrum, and touts himself as a candidate of the people dedicated to being to Colorado what Trump is to the United States as a whole.

The Ten Most Stolen Cars in Colorado

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Update: Around this time in 2015, we revealed the ten most frequently stolen cars in Colorado according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual "Hot Wheels" list, which covered calendar year 2014. Now, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has published data about Colorado thieves' favorite targets in 2015, and many of the same...

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