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The Statue of Liberty and Ken Salazar's crowning achievement

11 years ago by Michael Roberts
Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy This morning, Secretary of the Interior (and former Colorado Senator) Ken Salazar got the full-bore show-biz treatment when he joined the Today show's Matt Lauer in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, which will reopen for the...

Reader: Stop Arguing About Immigration and Remember the Statue of Liberty's Words!

2 years ago by Westword Staff
On the Fourth of July, people don't just eat hot dogs and watch fireworks: They remember the principles on which this country was founded, and its reputation as a haven for people yearning to live free. And they argue about immigration.

Kesha: The Pop Star Statue of Liberty Saving the World From Terrible Men

2 years ago by Kyle Harris
We need a massive injection of femme power, the kind Kesha showered on us on Tuesday night in Denver.

It Opened With a Splash, but SeaQuest Has Been Swamped by Controversy

5 days ago by Sara Fleming
SeaQuest claims to offer a fun educational experience, but animal rights activists are against it.

Social Change: Tanya Cook on How Geek Fandoms Look a Lot Like Religion

2 months ago by Kyle Harris
The Community College of Aurora professor just won $40,000 to study how pop culture fandoms work a lot like religious social movements.

Reader: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor...

4 months ago by Patricia Calhoun
Trump has postponed ICE actions, but the conversation continues.

Give Him Liberty!

22 years ago by Robin Chotzinoff
There is one point of fact upon which Ron Siegfried and the City of Lakewood agree. Here it is: When code-enforcement officer John Holmes came to tell Siegfried that his grass was too long and neighbors had complained, Siegfried was indignant and unrepentant. "I'm an American," both parties agree he...

The Las Vegas Lady Liberty and five other ways the Postal Service could stamp itself as a shmuck

9 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
What does it say about the U.S.A. in 2011 that our Postal Service accidentally used the replica Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas rather than the real thing as a model for its stamp honoring Lady Liberty's 125th anniversary? For one thing, it says we Americans love our landmarks so...

Review: Arvada's Art & Conflict Loaded With Piece Makers

2 years ago by Michael Paglia
Art & Conflict, the Arvada Center’s main exhibit this fall, fills the six galleries on the center’s lower level with pieces in a range of mediums by nearly four dozen artists, most of them from Colorado.

Denver Talks About Racism With Claudia Rankine, Michael Hancock

2 years ago by Jessie O'Brien
While some voices are dividing us, “Americans are looking for someone who would boldly put in our face the realities of society,” Mayor Michael Hancock said at the culmination of Denver Talks, with poet Claudia Rankine.

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