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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Susan Froyd

4 years ago by Susan Froyd
#1: Susan Froyd Now and then throughout this grand 100CC adventure, it’s been suggested that I participate in my own project and answer the questionnaire myself. I haven't known exactly what to think about that, because I don’t see myself as the maker and doer here. I’m just the ultimate...

Colorado Creatives: Susan Goldstein

1 year ago by Susan Froyd
Denver-based photographer and collagist Susan Goldstein re-conforms old, imperfect materials, images and glimpses of a dying America into new works with political and pathos-heavy messages.

Art Attack: Ten Best Things for Denver Art Lovers to Do This Weekend

3 days ago by Susan Froyd
Get cultured this weekend with new art ranging from murals to experimental film.

Colorado Creatives: Melissa Furness

6 days ago by Susan Froyd
The artist travels through art history and the current art world.

Colorado Creatives: Chris Getzan

13 days ago by Susan Froyd
From Warm Cookies of the Revolution to his new post at History Colorado, Chris Getzan is the wizard behind the curtain

Art Attack: Sixteen Best Things for Denver Gallery Lovers to Do This Week

11 days ago by Susan Froyd
Denver's art scene is uncharacteristically busy this winter.

Art Attack: Fourteen Ways to Celebrate First Friday in Denver

18 days ago by Susan Froyd
New exhibits explore the creative process, Denver neighborhoods and love this First Friday.

Colorado Creatives: We Were Wild (Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman)

20 days ago by Susan Froyd
Meet the wheat-pasting duo obsessed with the cracks and crevices of urban life.

Remembering Gary Burden

23 days ago by Susan Froyd
To say that Gary Burden was complicated doesn’t do him justice.

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