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The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story

12 years ago by Michael Roberts
During the early portion of his career, the late Syd Barrett, who named and led Pink Floyd, generally maintained his equilibrium while treading the fine line between genius and madness — but he couldn't keep up this balancing act indefinitely. His slow-motion tumble into mental illness, and the strange, beautiful...

Bird Names

11 years ago by Eryc Eyl
Chicago's Bird Names make freaky, folky, psychedelic rock for unhinged minds and untrimmed beards. If you gave Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett a cardboard box full of homemade instruments and unlimited use of the Little Rascals as their backup band, they might give back something like this. Tue., July 8,...

Games for May

12 years ago by Tom Murphy
With charming, carefully constructed songs, Games for May conjures the acid-damaged genius of Syd Barrett, Revolver-era Beatles and pre-1970s Kinks. But this is no nostalgia act simply reanimating the ghosts of Christmases past. Like the Apples in Stereo over a decade ago, Games for May has drawn inspiration from the...

Robyn Hitchcock Lives in Nashville, but He Hasn't Gone "Twangy"

3 years ago by Jon Solomon
Robyn Hitchcock spent a good chunk of his life in England, including his tenure with the psych-rock band Soft Boys and through his solo career with and without the Egyptians. These days, however, Hitchcock’s living in Nashville, where he’s working on a new album. He’s been living in Nashville since...

How Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz Left Its Mark on The Flaming Lips' New Album

2 years ago by Jon Solomon
The Flaming Lips are coming to Aspen to play from their new album, which was created, in party, while recording with Miley Cyrus.

Dr. Sunshine's X-Ray Machine, March 18 at the Lion's Lair

8 years ago by Tom Murphy
Five years ago, the music made by Dr. Sunshine's X-Ray Machine probably would have been called "post-rock," mainly because it comprises ethereal introductions and gradual builds to a swirling intensity in sound. Even though the band has songs with titles like "Particles" and "Postcards From the Atomic Lighthouse" and there...

Skeleton of God

10 years ago by Dave Herrera
From the colorful insert, splendidly illustrated by frontman Jeff Kahn, to the lyrics, which fall eloquently between proverb and poetry, Skeleton of God's latest effort — the followup to Urine Garden, its masterful mid-'90s debut EP — is clearly not just another mindless foray into extreme metal. While the reconvened...

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

10 years ago by Tom Murphy
Lawrence, Kansas, is an unlikely little pocket of American Bohemia tucked into the heart of the Midwest. So it should come as no surprise that it has its own nascent music scene, which includes the likes of Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. Oftentimes the most visible bands from out-of-the-way places...

Dan Kaufman Superstar Eruption

11 years ago by Tom Murphy
With a title like this for an album, you'd be excused for thinking that former Thorazine Frisbee mastermind Dan Kaufman has an absurdist, zen-like sense of humor. At first blush, the arrangement of sounds here bears comparison to the music put out by the Elephant 6 collective. Instead of Brian...


11 years ago by Eryc Eyl
With unhinged twanginess, unabashed spaciness and unapologetic snottiness, deadbubbles plays raunchy, raucous rock and roll that exists out of time. The Broomfield-based outfit's psychedelic rhythm-and-blues-a-billy seethes, surges and snarls as it spans the rock decades, comprising the rhythmic romp of the Crickets, the sassy swagger of the Yardbirds and the...

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