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White House Christmas

6 years ago by Cory Casciato
Some films are made to be watched, others need to be experienced — and then there are those movies that just need to be ridiculed and ripped apart. Close out the year with a gem from that last category, at Mile High Sci-Fi: White House Down. As Channing Tatum and...

On Presidents' Day, Two Coloradans Eyeing the White House

10 months ago by Patricia Calhoun
For the first time in more than thirty years, two Coloradans are looking at a run for president.

A Turkey In the White House

8 years ago by Robin Edwards
When playwright Karla Jennings saw a 2008 TV interview with Sarah Palin that featured a man slaughtering turkeys in the background, she cracked up at the ridiculousness of it. And then she got inspired: Within a week, the Georgia-based writer had penned the first draft of her satirical play, Whacking...

REI: The real white house

11 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
A deeper shade of pale. As a Denver native, I’ve integrated myself into the culture of this city, knowing that on any given day I will see: someone in fleece; four forest green ski/bike racked Subaru station wagons; and that guy/gal who dresses in shorts, sandals and a parka with...

Vying for White House, Hickenlooper Looks Back on Marijuana Policy

8 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
We caught up with Hickenlooper just before the 4/20 holiday.

Roland Mesnier: From White House to white out?

10 years ago by Shela Burgess
Roland Mesnier, a French-American pastry chef, spent a quarter of a century in the White House, baking cakes and tarts for everyone from the Queen of England to Chelsea Clinton. He got the presidential gig on the basis of his work with low-calorie, fruit-based desserts. Although Mesnier is now retired,...

Blue Moon rockets to the White House

11 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
The White House could get a little taste of Denver this week if President Barack Obama is able to pull off a meeting over beers Thursday between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge, Massachusetts police sergeant James Crowley, who arrested Gates on July 16 at his own home. While...

A Libertarian Takes Aim at the White House

If Christine Smith is elected president this November, she wouldn't be the first published author in the oval office, or the first marksman, or even the first redhead. But she would be the first woman, the first Coloradan, and the first person to have written a book about the spirituality...

White House Open to Deborah Ramirez Testifying About Kavanaugh

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
Press secretary Sarah Sanders says the Trump administration is open to Boulder's Deborah Ramirez testifying about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Has White House Launched War on Weed? Colorado Pols Respond.

1 year ago by Thomas Mitchell
Does the president's staff share Donald Trump's feelings about marijuana?

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