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Colorado Comes to D.C. to Push Legal Pot Banking at Senate Hearing

5 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
"There's been a dramatic shift in Americans' views on cannabis in recent years," said Senator Cory Gardner.

Yo La Tengo, Rob Thomas, Carbon Leaf shows announced

11 years ago by Jon Solomon
New Jersey-based indie rockers Yo La Tengo hit the road this fall, which includes a stop at Ogden Theatre Saturday, October 10, in support of the band's forthcoming album, Popular Songs, due September 8 on Matador. Tickets, which are $20 advance and $25 day of show, go on sale Saturday,...

An anarchist charged with attempted murder sees her case blow up in court

9 years ago by Josiah M. Hesse
Amelia Nicol grew up in the relative isolation of Grand County, but "I've always had an interest in where the world is heading," she says. When the then-twenty-year-old moved to Denver a few months ago, she got the chance to put that interest in action, shaving her hair into a...

Can a veterans court help former GIs find justice here at home?

10 years ago by Joel Warner
What are you going to do, shoot me?" It was around ten o'clock at night when Edward Lynch heard the strange shouting. He went to the utility room at the back of his house to investigate and saw a man standing in his neighbor's yard, yelling into the night. Much...


23 years ago by Michael Roberts
The hype surrounding the current tour by the Chemical Brothers has been somewhat less overwhelming than the hoopla associated with U2's current jaunt (see page 71)--Dennis Hopper hasn't offered to narrate any network television specials for them yet. But in some ways, the expectations are just as heavy. The Brothers--Brits...

Letters to the Editor

Drive-by, He Said Outrageous impression: Ed Thomas's statements in David Holthouse's story about the new skate park ("Big Air," July 19) are truly outrageous. He is totally out of touch with reality. Skateboarding is a mainstream sport (whether you like it or not) with hardcore roots. Thomas's impressions of thuggish...


25 years ago by Eric Dexheimer
Seldom is the legal rule of innocent until proven guilty so ignored by the public as in cases of ethnic and racial hate crimes. The charges are toxic enough to begin corroding the accused immediately, and for a crime that is enormously difficult to prove--was he a black victim, or...

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

At first, before the murders, the story might sound like some nihilistic last-century tropical sitcom, what Sherwood Schwartz would have come up with if he'd been into Nietzsche. In 1929, German physician Friedrich Ritter, brain aflame with the promise of the superman, convinced his lover, Dore Strauch, to abandon Berlin in favor of a life of...

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